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Alligator – Close Up

Yup, there is something wrong with me. I don’t have much of a zoom lense and I’m not afraid to get a couple yards away from a gator at the waters edge. Doesn’t scare me in the least. It should. That’s right at the far edge of their striking range. An alligator is so fast that a strike would almost surely hit it’s mark and since my camera and thus my head are the parts that are closest to the gator the strike would devastating or lethal. I’ve haven’t had one strike at me yet. I have only had one warn me off, a warning I respected, but usually they flee from me in fright. Seems they remember when they were babies and their Momma’s told them to stay away from the humans.
Every now and then you read about a n alligator that got too hungry and tried or did, eat someone. In other words: Don’t try this.

Alligator close up image..

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