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The Florida Photo Gallery

The Florida Photo Gallery is a long time website (in operation since 2000?)  that displays high quality photos from Texx Smith of St Petersburg Web Design.  It’s a great fun way for me to take a break from being the Einstein of web design and indulge myself in one of my favorite hobbies, outdoor photography.

Websites that focus on displaying photography can be a big challenge  because there is so much labor involved in making different sized images, writing content about a specific image, uploading the images, organizing them in some comprehensible manner, etc.  My Design and Development team have worked hard to adapt the latest and greatest , but proven technologies to greatly reduce this labor.  This site will still be labor intensive, just much less labor will be needed.  Now it’s not hard specialist type labor, it’s fun labor, like browsing through photos and writing about them.  While its fun it still takes a lot of time…

Please Enjoy!

Two choices for viewing pictures

When you hover over a picture below, two icons will appear:

Most pictures come with an article, or at least a few short words about the photo. Sometimes there will be more than one photo. Click the icon that displays on the left when the photo below is hovered over to go to the full article about this picture. For wallpapers, this is best because there will usually be multiple sizes there for download.
Click the icon on the right to have a larger version of the photo appear instantly (works on all but the slowest of internet connections), on screen. You can click anywhere on the right half of the picture to go to the next one, or the left half of the picture to go to the previous one. Exit by clicking the “X” in the top right corner.

This site is also about Texx Smith.  Sometimes known as the Einstein of Web Design, I need a place to post some of my photos.  I take photos all over the place but my Florida Photos always end up in my favorites and shared with friends.  Since I needed a way to show these photos, I created this website to present photos and showcase our WordPress & Web Design skills.


A note about copyright and using these images.

All of these images are © copyright by Texx Smith. All of these copyrights are reserved by default. I use them from time to time in graphics in websites for my clients, although it’s rare that outdoor photography fits into a business website. There are some exceptions to this rule however on this website. Some of these images I’m allow individuals to use as desktop wallpapers on their computers. They will be clearly marked as “Wallpapers” or “Desktop Wallpapers” . Other times I include them in a screensaver.  Again this is only for personal use.  Resale is NEVER allowed.  Re-Distribution is NEVER allowed without clear written permission form Texx Smith. Go ahead and ask, I often say yes.