Alligator close up image

Alligator – Close Up

June 6, 2012

Alligator thinks might make a nice meal, naaaa, too bony!

Baby Alligator in the Everglades Photo

Baby Alligator Fleeing

June 6, 2012

Run baby gator, Run!

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Everglades Prairie Sky

June 4, 2012

A wonderful shot of the prairie and sky in the Everglades.

Assasin Bug Photo

Assassin Bug

May 31, 2012

In the canopy of Florida’s Myakka State Forest.

Golden Orb Weaver Spider Photo

Golden Orb Weaver

May 31, 2012

Beautiful Spider and Web Close Up Photo With a poor man’s camera sometimes it’s hard to get the macro shots.  This spiders was a big fattie and was being awfully co operative though.  Taken on one of the many trails at Sawgrass Park  in St Petersburg.  

Dragonfly photo

Dragon Fly – Close up

May 31, 2012

A close up of a dragonfly

Swainson's hawk in St Petersburg FL

Urban Hawk

May 31, 2012

A rare hawk in a St Petersburg front yard.

Ghost crab picture.


April 13, 2012

Conversation with a crab anyone?

Treasure Island at sunset photo

Treasure Island Beach

April 13, 2012

The golden glow of sunset on Treasure Island

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake - Weedon Island Florida

Weedon Island Park – Rattlesnake

April 9, 2012

A big fat Eastern diamond back rattlesnake.